20th of August 2011. 

Rutland Water.

Went to the Bird fair at Rutland Water and enjoyed a fabulous day looking at all things birding! also tried out some of the most expensive scopes & binoculars available. A good lottery win will be needed to buy the ones I'd like. They call the event the "Glastonbury" for birders and it certainly didn't disappoint.

After a good look around, I went to the Hide in Manton Bay for an hour to hopefully see an Osprey or two. To my delight there were five, two adults and three juveniles. Osprey's are truly magnificent birds of prey, one of the juveniles was practising their fishing technique, sadly I didn't get to see it catch a fish, however, I was just as pleased to have seen one in the first place.

Species seen  27.

Notables, Egyptian Geese, Buzzard, Kestrel.

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