30th of April 2011

Lynton & Lynmouth - North Devon

Drove to Lynmouth and parked in the central car park, feeding the meter, as we didn't know how long our walk would take us? Having visited the National Trust centre, we took the bus to "County Gate"  starting at sea level, the bus slowly climbed the steep road which gave us fabulous views of the coast, stopping eventually at the bus stop at County Gate, we were now 345 metres above sea level. Taking time to look at the panoramic views over the sea and inland over the West Downs, we then proceeded to start our walk back down to Lynmouth village centre, a walk of 7 miles, through sheep fields, woodland, small hamlets, finally passing waters meet, then on towards Lynmouth.

This is now officailly one of the best walks I've ever done! We plan to do this walk again in both Autumn and Winter to see the different seasons.

Species seen 32.

Noteables: Dipper, Sandpiper, Chiffchaff, Grey Wagtail, Linnet, Martins.

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