21st of June 2012

WWT - Brandon Marsh

With today being the longest day, an evening at Brandon Marsh was a good idea, however, the weather was not on the same wavelenght!

Upon arrival, I went straight towards the East Marsh hide which had no visible unusual birds of particular interest, then I proceeded to the Carlton hide. My quest for the evening was to hopefully see an Otter, which of course many of my birding friends have already seen?

After half an hour the heavens opened and the light declined, at 9.30pm I decided to pack up and put the binoculars and camera away in my bag, to ensure that the walk back to the car would not get rain water in to the gear etc! Once everything was stowed away, something caught my eye, to the left of the pool, a tumbling mammal was seen in the water, okay, image this, bag - closed - camera in bag and switched off - lens locked! By the time I got it out the Otter was disappearing in to the reeds on the right hand side of the pool.

I did manage to fire off a number of shots, however, due to the poor light, my efforts were later deleted!

Hopefully, a future visit will produce a much better opportunity for Otter photograghs? To see an Otter in the wild in Warwickshire, was a truly memorable sighting!


Ragged Robin said...

Well done on the otter sighting Steve - what a memorable experience. I've never seen one in the wild. Good luck with your quest for a photograph!

Central Birder said...

Thanks Caroline, it was a great experience to see a wild Otter, hopefully I'll get a shot at some point in the future?