15th of July 2012

WWT – Brandon Marsh.

Species seen 40.

A late afternoon visit arriving at a very flooded reserve with only the East side footpaths above flood levels. It was a very quiet walk with only 40 species of bird seen, with the highlight being a Kingfisher over East Marsh Pool.  Horsetail glade produced a number of insects; however, as far as birds were concerned, a solitary Great Tit was my lot! Steetley hide revealed a couple of Little Grebe chicks and a Grass Snake, winding its way through the water.

I stopped to chat with one of the regular photographers, who was buzzing and couldn’t wait to show me his earlier shots of an Otter taken at a location not reported as a regular sightings spot, therefore, on my next early morning visit to Brandon I will take in this area first!

Continuing my walk I took in the Newlands reed beds area, again stopping to view many insects along the way. As usual there were plenty of Grey Squirrels navigating the tree branches in New Hare Covert. Sheep field area had plenty of Rabbits, some of which seem to be used the passing walkers? Butterflies seen here were Red Admiral and Comma.

One thing that is good to see at the moment is the wide variety of wild plants, beautiful vibrant colours that still look vivacious in the miserable so called “summer” of 2012!


Ragged Robin said...

The continued otter sightings are wonderful news. I'd be rather chuffed too with the grass snake sighting :) I've not been able to visit Brandon Marsh as much this year so its great to be able to keep up to date via your blog and see your lovely photos :)

Central Birder said...

Hi Caroline, Brandon Marsh really is producing some brilliant wildlife.

I hope you get to visit soon?