24th of August 2012.

The Highlands – West of Scotland.

A round trip to Loch Ness was enjoyed with a voyage along the Loch taking in the vastness of the great Glen. The weather was truly dreadful with rain on and off all day. The only birds seen where two Mallards, one a hybrid, a few Herring Gulls and finally as the Jacobite catamaran was docking at the end of our cruise an Osprey was seen flying along the Loch. I would have missed this, as it was my better half that spotted it and asked, ”what’s that, it looks like an Osprey” The Osprey was flying high for a while, it then dropped low and flew just a foot or so above the water and then disappeared from view. Throughout the day we both kept our eye on the Loch for sightings of the “Beastie” sadly no sign of the Loch Ness monster nor a record shot for my blog!

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