5th of August 2012.

WWT – Brandon Marsh.

Species seen 27.

Sunday afternoon was warm and sunny, however as I drove nearer to Brandon Marsh through the back roads the sky was turning a very dark blue. Arriving in the car park, a flash of lightening followed by thunder made me think, maybe I’ll leave and do something else to occupy my Sunday afternoon. I met with two birding friends and we chatted in the courtyard of the visitors centre as the rain soon began to fall. Within a few minutes the rain was almost like a monsoon, this lasted for over half an hour!

Once the rain eased off we all took a stroll to East Marsh hide, hoping to see the six Black Tailed Godwits that were posted on the "The unoffical Guide to Brandon Marsh" website. Sadly these were nowhere to be seen.

Once the sun had come back out, I made my way to the screen hide. This turned out to be perfect timing as a Hobby was perched not too far from it. The bird gave two birders and myself superb close views of it as it flew around the Newlands area collecting insects. It also shared the area with a Kestrel that was also hunting. At some point they were taking it in turns of perching on the many posts within the area.

This year’s Swifts are still flying over the reserve; however it won’t be long before they are gone for another year! On the way back to the car park I lost count of the many Swallows I saw. What looked to be a damp uneventful afternoon, turned out to be a most enjoyable one with the highlight being the close views of the Hobby?

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