1st of December 2012.
Warwickshire Wildlife Trust – Brandon Marsh.

Species seen 62.
My visit to Brandon Marsh followed an extremely beautiful drive through the Warwickshire Countryside via Kings Newnham and the surrounding area.

On route the hedges were full of many Dunnocks and Tree Sparrows, at the fields near Bretford; I stopped to view 30 Mute Swans in the hope that as in previous years before there may be a Bewick Swan amongst their numbers?

Stopping again, having sighted a Kestrel perched in a tree very close to the roadside, I managed to fire off a couple of shots before it took flight. Not too far away, again I stopped, this time to view a Buzzard. Parking up and using the car as cover, I managed to get reasonably close for a few more photographs.

Arriving at Brandon Marsh the first sighting was that of Great Spotted Woodpeckers in the car park area, after signing in at the visitors centre, I made my way in to the reserve, the Alder trees were full of a mixed flock of Redpoll, Siskin and Goldfinches.

Taking in Horsetail Glade, I caught sight of a Red Fox and when it saw me, it looked as if it gave a huff, and then trotted off out of sight! Also seen was a very friendly Robin.

The hides were all very cold due to the weather, so I didn’t stop too long, but long enough the chat with other birders.

I also caught up with photographer friend Helen and we chatted in the Carlton hide for a while hoping to see the Bittern that’s been reported over the last few weeks. Not too long after arriving I caught sight of a bird coming towards the hide, the binoculars confirmed that approaching was indeed a Bittern.  Instead of being brown ochre in colour the suns fading light made it look almost red in appearance.

Thanks to Helen Scarsbrook for the Bittern image as mine were a total disaster.

Another superb day at Brandon Marsh where anything can turn up and quite often does!  


Ragged Robin said...

Well done on the Bittern - glad to hear they are back on the Reserve :) Sounds like you had a great birding day :)

Central Birder said...

Hi Caroline, great to see a Bittern again at Brandon. A good day birding both or route and in the reserve too.