9th of December 2012.

WWT – Brandon Marsh.

Arriving today as I turned in to the car park there was a small collection of birders with cameras and binoculars aimed at the trees close to the visitor centre. I immediately parked then joined the group to see my first Waxwings of the winter.

Today it was a very blustery day, the sky was one minute blue with white clouds, and the next, very grey, added to this the light was poor for those wanting to take any photographs!

The two birds seemed very happy to stay around feeding on the many berries available to them. The best part for everyone was the close up opportunities for everyone to appreciate them; the spectators didn’t have to move closer to see the birds, as they came very close to unintentionally pose for everyone.
What a good afternoon watching these beautiful birds and I look forward to seeing whatever drops in to Brandon Marsh next week?

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