2nd of May 2013.

Brandon Marsh – WWT.

Following an early morning check of Twitter, I saw that @boatbirder (Keith Yates) had found a Woodchat Shrike in the top field at Brandon Marsh. I was straight out the door and arrived within 15 minutes. 

It was no surprise to see that a small crowd of local birders were gathered and I was therefore on to it straight away. Also to note that it was good to see everyone staying at a reasonable distance so as to not disturb this rare vagrant that normally spends its time in Southern Europe.

We observed it as it made frequent flights to the many advantage perch’s on top of the bushes, from these we followed it as it dropped to the ground to seize prey of inserts and bees. Sadly I could only stay for a short while due to work; I did however get time to record some distant shots. And I mean, distance shots!


Ragged Robin said...

So glad you managed to see the Woodchat Shrike :) I noticed the sighting on twitter - sadly I couldn't get over to Brandon Marsh myself that day but great to see how many people did get sightings.

Central Birder said...

Hi Caroline, thanks it was good to see it, it was tempting to move closer to get a better shot, but everyone stayed at a good distance away. Judging be some of the photos I've seen of it, many didn't!

I hope you get to Brandon again soon?