Great White Egret

Galveston Island – Texas.

Species seen 29.

Today we left Houston bound for three days on the Gulf coast, arriving at Galveston we took the road along the sea front and soon come across a few White Pelicans in the bay. 
Scanning the mud flats gave us Great White, Little and Snowy Egret. A little further along the road was a field full of cattle, which of course had many Cattle Egrets amongst them. 

White Ibis
Stopping again in an area used for dropping off kayaking visitors, I got out for a few minutes to look at the pink birds in the distance; these were Roseate Spoonbills, sadly too far away for any photographs! Also seen here were White Ibis’s, Tricolour Herons, Yellow Crowned Night Herons, Cormorants, Ringed Plovers and a single Long Billed Curlew.

Turkey Vulture
Back on the road again and high above were Turkey Vultures riding the thermals. On the roadside electricity cables were White Winged and Collared Doves, a single Eastern Kingbird as well as hundreds of Common Grackles.  We stopped and pulled over as two Turkey Vultures came to rest upon fence posts offering a relatively close shot. 

Long tailed Grackles could be seen sheltering under parked vehicles from the high temperatures with the Texas sunshine at a high 95 degrees.

Yellow Crowned Night Heron 

Birds seen around the ferry and beach area were 
Magnificent Frigatebird, Booby, Osprey, Laughing Gulls, Royal Terns & Black Skimmers. A great afternoons birding of which most was done from the comfort of an air con car!

Other birds seen were, Ruddy Turnstone, Dunlin, Sanderling, White Winged Dove, Collared Dove, Common Ground Dove, Rock Pigeon. 

One thing about Galveston is there are hundreds of Brown Pelicans around the area all giving fantastic views of them fishing by plunging in to the sea.

Brown Pelican
Brown Pelican

Black Skimmers

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