Aranuac National Wildlife Refuge – Texas.

Species seen 19.

Day two of our stay in the Gulf of Mexico took us to the Aranuac National Wildlife Refuge which is about 10 miles north of High Island. Stopping at the entrance pool the trees were full of Brown-headed
Cowbirds. Moving around the pool I flushed a Green Heron which sat in a bush for some time afterwards. Many of the small bushes had Gulf Fritillary and Monarch Butterflies visiting them.
As I made my way around the pool a Great White Egret stool motionless waiting to strike at any passing fish? It didn’t move even when a small Alligator floated by? Also seen here were two Killdeer and an unidentified Hummingbird, I only got the briefest of glimpses as it was in silhouette before taking off to somewhere else. Up on the electricity cables was a small flock of Tree Swallows, I counted over 50 before carrying on.

Moving through the Refuge the following water birds were seen, Great Blue Heron, Tricoloured Heron, Little and Cattle Egrets.

Above us were circulating Turkey Vultures and perched in a far off dead tree were two Crested Caracara with their striking orange faces. One took to flight however it was far too high to get nothing more than a record shot.

Other birds seen where, Starling, Ringed Plover,
Greenshank, White Winged Dove, Eastern Kingbird,
Laughing Gull, Brown Pelican and Cormorant.

Before leaving we went to look for Kingfishers in the bayou, sadly none were seen even with the fish jumping out of the water! A quick scan along the bayou gave us a second Alligator sighting for the day. This time it wasn’t a small “Gator” but a fully grown adult which had just taken a Great White Egret and was slowly chomping it down. A pure wildlife moment and a reminder to stay close to the vehicle while in the swamp and bayou areas. 

Other record shots from our visit.


Ragged Robin said...

Sounds like you are having some wonderful wildlife experiences :) Really enjoying reading about them and seeing the great photos :)

Central Birder said...

Hi Caroline, very much enjoying our time here in Houston, and there's more to come.

Thanks for your kind comments.