High Island, Boy Scout Woods & Oaks Wood Sanctuary – Texas.

Species seen 19.

Having read about the area known as High Island a trip here was a must, albeit the summer isn’t the best time, like everywhere else spring and autumn is the time to visit! Well beggars can’t be choosers and when an opportunity comes along and offers you and your fiancee a holiday in Texas, you take it by the horns! 

Today was another very hot day; we took the Galveston ferry across to the Bolivar peninsular and began our road trip towards High Island. While crossing on the ferry we sighted more than 20 Bottlenose Dolphins and a great many jellyfish. 

Also seen were Brown Pelicans, Magnificent Frigate birds and hundreds of Laughing Gulls. For those people who have seen the movie” The Big Year” High Island featured in it and does when there is a major “Fallout” off the Gulf of Mexico. Starting at Boy Scout Woods and finishing at Oaks Woods sanctuary the visit was very challenging due mainly to the high temperature and the mosquito's. Walking through the woods we soon had our first bird and one that was on my hope to see list, the Northern Cardinal is one beautiful bright red bird of which I saw two. The shot is poor due to the distance, however a record to keep. 

Moving to an opening where a platform over the swamp area gave a welcome break from the insects, soon we had the following overhead, Turkey Vulture, Broad Winged Hawk, Short Tailed Hawk, in the trees and on posts or cables were the following birds, Black Vulture, Cormorant, Anhinga, Eastern Kingbird, White Ibis, Ground Dove, Ruby Throated Hummingbird, Loggerhead Shrike, Mockingbird, Yellow Warbler and Blue-Grey Gnatcatcher. While walking through the woodland of Oaks sanctuary I stumbled across a Great Horned Owl perched on an overhanging branch, sadly it took to flight, but I did manage to see this magnificent huge Owl for a few moments. 

Ruby Throated Hummingbird very high up above

Sadly the visit didn't result in many bird photographs as it was hard enough trying to see them let alone shoot them.

The pools areas also had small Alligators and a few Red Eared Slider Turtles and the trees had some very large spiders whose webs were like fishing line!

This large Spider was about 6 inches long!

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