Houston Audubon Society HQ – Edith L. Moore Sanctuary.

Species seen 14.

Visiting the main headquarters for the Houston Audubon Society was almost like going in to a furnace as the heat was very intense and therefore we stayed for only a few hours.

Following a chat with the staff in the office we proceeded to take a look around this small sanctuary. The location is set within a housing estate with a small creek running through and is right on the verge of a major road.

Birds of note seen were Mourning, White Tipped and Common Ground Doves.  All the trees and shrubs had many Red Cardinals as well as Blue Jays.

Three species of Woodpecker were easily located due to drumming and sometimes at just above head height! First was Red Bellied Woodpecker followed by Downy and Northern Flicker.

Also seen were American Robins in good numbers and after following a small wren like bird through the trees above the creek I soon had sight of a Marsh Wren.

Before leaving we spent half an hour sitting near the feeders which gave us Carolina Chickadee, House Sparrow, House Finch and many Ruby Throated Hummingbirds.

Also seen were Red Eared Slider Turtle, Coral Snake, Western Cottonmouth Snake, Common Skink, Green Anole, Fox Squirrel and Swamp Rabbit. As with many places we’ve visited there was a great deal of Gulf Fritillary Butterflies.

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