14th of June 2015 - Melodious Warbler - Marsh Lane, Warwickshire.
My distant record shot

Following other commitments since this local rarity showed up near the Marsh Lane N.R. I really didn't think I would get to see it!

Setting out after reading "Twitter" and a phone call to a birding mate, I made my way out in what was a really dull afternoon, rain clouds filled the sky and as I drove towards the area, rain spots appeared and thoughts of wet weather gear was on the cards!

As I made my way along the lane the rain stayed off and I soon saw a small crowd. Within seconds  of reaching the line of birders, my first Melodious Warbler was sighted and its beautiful song was heard for the first time. A lifer for me and also the third lifer since last weekend.
Weekend Birding trip to East Riding, Yorkshire, 6th - 7th of June 2015.

A much anticipated trip to the county of Yorkshire was last weekends birding destination. The plan was an early morning boat trip from Bridlington to photograph diving Gannets off the nearby Bempton Cliffs with Steve Race from the RSPB. Sadly due to the extremely high winds, the sailing was cancelled and therefore plan "B" was put in to action.

Following tips and discussions with our B & B's proprietor, I set off with my birding buddy to check out a local lane on the outskirts of Bridlington. The area is know for its Barn Owls and numerous raptor species. As I drove along the lane, three birds where seen flying along the right hand side of the car. "BEE EATERS" we cried! they then stopped in a tree and my brakes took the full force of my right foot, which in turn brought the car to an immediate halt. Jumping swiftly out with my binoculars in hand the three birds where observed and we watched them moving from the tree across the rapeseed field and back again for a good half an hour. A quick telephone call to the rest of the party still enjoying breakfast at the B & B, soon had everyone in hot pursuit of these stunning colourful birds. I managed a few distant record shots with my camera of what was a "Lifer" not just for me, but for many of the others too.

Record shot of one Bee Eater
After a while the three turned in to a total of five Bee Eaters, something I never expected to see, one maybe in the UK, but not five! A truly magical birding experience that I will never forget.

Following the excitement we all made our way to the Bempton Cliffs RSPB reserve to take in the many Gannet, Razorbill, Guillemot, Kittiwake and the iconic Puffins that are nesting on the chalk cliffs. Although I have visited here very recently, it was great to see the spectacle of over 200,000 sea birds in this one location.


The afternoon was spent exploring the surrounding East Riding area and included a spot of sea watching at Flamborough, before everyone headed off to a local Indian restaurant for the evening.

A very memorable day in Yorkshire indeed and it won't be too long before I visit the area again.